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Best Buy Uniforms sells a selection of Cummerbunds that are available in many different styles and colors, such as the classic tuxedo to our wave patterns take a look at our selection these are great for your event staff attending weddings or catered events & parties.

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Leather End Suspenders Machine WashableEasy Care6 Pair Min Order

$8.36 $10.99 - $2.63
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Formal Cummerbund Adjustable Backstrap and Buckle (*Bowtie not included) Available in Mens or Ladies Style Cummerbund fits a 28" to 50" Inch Waist

$10.03 $13.19 - $3.16
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A beautiful design, this wave pattern cummerbund will perfectly pair any designer vest. With a poly satin finish, this cummerbund a great deal at a super low price. (*Note: Bowties are sold separtely)

$12.54 $16.49 - $3.95
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This Magenta jacquard paisley pattern cummerbund (broad waist sash) is ideal for a wedding or any formal event. Pair this fashionably patterend piece to the designer vest, for a completed look. 

$13.38 $17.59 - $4.21
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items