How to Pick the Right Scrubs or Medical Uniforms

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Scrubs and other medical uniforms for health care professional are made with different kinds of fabric materials. Best Buy Uniforms wants to help you learn about these various materials and how they can affect your scrubs and in some ways, your work performance.

Most scrubs, such as nursing scrubs are made with a blend of different fabrics. The most common combination is the polyester and cotton blend. Some scrubs uniforms are made with 100% cotton while others are constructed of 100% polyester. Finally, there are different synthetic fabric blends of rayon and spandex.

When considering purchasing your medical uniforms, it is just as important to think of the material of your scrubs. Depending on the needs and demands of your work, the material used to construct the uniforms can truly make a difference while you work. Your medical scrub uniform must be sturdy enough to handle wear, resist bodily fluids, and stand up to multiple washes. Scrubs or medical uniforms that fail to do this become costly over time. Not only expensive regarding monetary value but costly in terms of time and energy. Poorly constructed scrubs will have you searching for new uniforms and spending more money in the long run.

Polyester and Cotton Blended Scrubs

Most scrubs, such as the scrubs we sell, are made of a mixture of polyester and cotton. This combination is most popular because of all of the benefits it provides. These advantages include affordability, it dries much quickly in the wash and requires little care and maintenance. Polyester and cotton blends are mostly "wash and go." For medical professional that prefer to iron their polyester and cotton blend scrubs, iron on a low to moderate heat to prevent burning, burn shines, and melting.

Popular polyester and cotton blends include

  •          55% polyester and 45% cotton
  •          65% polyester and 35% cotton

We have many polyester and cotton blend scrubs for you to choose from in all kinds of colors and fits.

Cotton Scrubs or Cotton Medical Uniforms

Cotton is another popular choice. Cotton feels very soft to the touch and is durable. Plus, cotton is one of the few fabric that helps hide embarrassing undergarment lines. However, cotton takes longer to dry, wrinkles easily, and is much more expensive than polyester blends.

 Synthetic Blend Medical Uniforms

More recent models of medical uniforms, not necessarily scrubs are made of synthetic blends that include spandex and rayon. Mixes of cotton and spandex are excellent options for medical professionals that need clothes that come with some stretch. Rayon and polyester blends are often the preference of those who value strength in their uniforms.

Nurses and other kinds of healthcare workers can find many different options in regards to scrubs at Best Buy Uniforms. We carry all kinds of fabric blends, colors, and cuts. When determining the kinds of medical uniforms you need, it is just as important to consider the types of materials use to create your uniform.

Shop through our extensive selection of medical uniforms for scrubs, pants and other options to keep you comfortable, while providing exceptional durability and style. 

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