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Basic Kitchen White Chef Coat

Item # 203

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Discount: $4.48

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The Basic White Chef Coat is a relaxed and roomy fit for any chef. It helps chefs feel cooler in the heat of the kitchen.

  •  Double breasted for better protection
  •  Pearl buttons-  MIN ORDER IS 3 PIECES
  •  Sizes ranging from x-small to 6xlarge
  •  Each coat is made from a blend of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton

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, Portland, United States
13 Dec. 2016

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“ after comparing prices on the net these guys have the best prices anywhere! ”

, Holliwood, United States
20 Sept. 2016


“ This chef coat is a great, durable, and a well priced product. Exactly what I expected from the Best Buy Uniforms name! The fit is a is Great! I Wore the coat once to try it out, then dropped it off for embroidery! ”

, Edgewater, United States
07 Apr. 2016

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“ Good Afternoon, Thank you for the great service! The coats are for my culinary class and they fit great! ”

More info

  •  Wrinkle free and does not require an iron.
  •  Machine washable, durable and reliable. It is built to last
  •  Double breasted for better protection
  •  Pearl buttons
  •  Sizes ranging from x-small to 6xlarge
  •  Each coat is made from a blend of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton

The White Chef Coat, or  Sometimes Referred as the Chef Jacket

The chef coat or chef jacket is a functional and practical piece of clothing worn by chefs in their kitchen. Although, chefs jackets do come in different colors, white is the most traditional color used by chefs. Despite the fact that whites do not hide kitchen stains, it can be bleached clean with little damage to the material. Other different color chef coats may not take bleach as well or risk having their colors run in the wash. While dark chef coats do hide stains better in the kitchen, repeated bleaching will eventually damage the fabric of the chef jacket.

Many chefs prefer their white chef coat because it leaves an impression of cleanliness to the guests that come to the restaurant. When guests come into a restaurant and sees a clean chef coat or a clean chef jacket, they feel confident that the restaurant they enter to eat is clean and thereby, its kitchen.

A white coat also reflects heat better than other colors, it  better protects chef  from the high heat in the kitchen. Many of the coats feature long sleeves to protect the arms from hot sauces and hot oils. For added protection, the front of the jacket feature is double breasted with rows of buttons on each side. It works as another layer of protection against heat and burns.