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Dickies Unisex Black Traditional Chef Pants

Sometimes, traditional is good. The poly cotton fabric make these pants lightweight, easy to clean, and comfortable. No itchiness, no heavy material. Just easy care and all-day comfort.


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Dickies Unisex Chef Pants- Unisex Black Traditional Chef Pants 

Sometimes, traditional is good. After all, something that is traditional is that way for a reason. Take, for example, Dickies Chef Black Traditional Unisex Baggy Chef Pants. Generations of cooks and chefs have known the best all-around pants to wear on the job, and these pants use that same design with a brand you can trust.
The poly cotton fabric that's used to make these pants is lightweight, easy to clean, and comfortable. No itchiness, no weight-down all day long, just comfort and easy care. The two front pockets carry any important things you might need where they're easily accessible, and the back pocket carries other, not so important things. For a perfect fit, these pants feature an elastic waist with a drawstring. They'll stretch as much as you need them to, but if they're getting a little loose, all you've got to do is tighten the drawstring.
Trust the knowledge of generations of cooks and chefs that have dished up the best meals years before you. Go with Dickies Chef Black Traditional Baggy Chef Pants. They're so simple, they're perfect.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL