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Kitchen Cook Shirt

Item # 501

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MSRP Price: $11.99

Discount: $2.87

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Low Price Guarantee:  $9.12

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The White Kitchen Cook Shirts comes with

  • Used by 1000s of Chefs and Kitchens in the USA
  • High Quality Very Durable
  • Six snaps closures for easy put on and off. No large buttons
  • A clean finished color with reinforced bar tacking
  • Mitered Breast Pocket
  • Machine washable 

Last Reviews

, Largo, United States
16 Dec. 2016

Great Shirt for the Working Chef as low price...

“ Great shirt for working in a kitchen. It fits well and it seems to be of good quality. The addition of a front pocket is a game changer. Most other cook shirts do not have this feature and anyone who has worked in a kitchen knows the value of this feature.

, Elmhurst, United States
14 Nov. 2016

Great Cook Shirt and Super Low Price THANKS...

“ Your price was cheaper than Amazon -- And I was very happy with the product and quality - I will be buying from you again ;=) ”

More info

A stylish and functional chef top that provides incredible value for your money. The Chef White Top is durable and reliable, perfect to handle the daily requirement of working in the kitchen and floor. 

This top can take a beating in the kitchen whether it is stains, heavy spills, and other kitchen elements. Throw it in the wash and all of its stains and messes washes off. It is stain resistant, durable and more than worth its value. This practical and functional piece is just what you need to keep your kitchen running without any second thought.

Why are Chef's Tops White?

It is widely known that the kitchen is a humid environment. The white color helps reflect the heat better than other colors. In the event of hot spills such as hot oil spills, because of the snap buttons, chefs can quickly remove their tops to help prevent hot spills from passing to the skin. In addition, the white cotton also contributes to being a more breathable fabric to help push body heat out. White uniforms also signal cleanliness. White fabric shows off stains much better and signals when the uniforms are in need of changing. This helps maintain a cleaner kitchen. In addition, its white color makes it a safe option to clean because white clothing does not have many requirements. You can bleach whites without having to be concerned about bleaching running colors or destroying the chef uniforms.

Chefs are notorious for being a practical group that searches for functional tools. Practical uniforms are a part of a chef toolkit and chef do not want to spend time trying to figure out the right clothes. Our White Chef Tops and chefs shirt has all the benefits that a chef needs to run the kitchen.