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Ladies Housekeeper ot Medical Scrub V-Neck Gripper SNAP Top


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Discount: $5.00

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A special polyester, cotton, and poplin blend, this scrub top will retain its color through the use with very little wear and tear.

  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Easy to snap on and off for easy changing
  • Two pockets
  • Side vents for a smooth and easy fit

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 It is a spacious fit that provides all medical professionals the ability to move freely and comfortably.

Why Choose the V-neck Gripper Scrub Top

The vast majority of scrubs are made from using a blend of polyester and cotton. There are a few scrubs made from 100 percent cotton and 100 percent polyester but how scrubs are made can make a huge difference in quality. A mixed blend of polyester and cotton is most ideal for scrubs. Medical uniforms, scrubs, and grippers made from this blend are more likely to be more affordable, dry much faster in a clothing dryer, be resistant to wrinkling and provides easy care and maintenance.  If a medical professional chooses to iron scrubs that is made from a blend of polyester and cotton should iron their scrubs in low to moderate heat. High heat can lead to scorching and even melting synthetic polyester elements.

With proper care and maintenance, scrubs made from a blend of polyester and cotton are expected to last a long time. Those scrubs are durable, reliable and sturdy enough to resist wear and tear, resist against any bodily fluid and withstand multiple machine washes.

Best Buy Uniforms believes in only offering the best kinds of scrubs at the best value. Our V-neck gripper is not the only style option we have. We provide comfortable and stylish scrubs that will stretch your dollar farther.

This particular gripper is perfect for anyone who wants functional and practical scrubs that can withstand the massive demands of working in the medical field and caring for those who need the most help.